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Laminated Beams and Wood Roof Decking

The Filler King Company manufactures Laminated Random Length Roof Decking, Laminated Long Length Roof Decking, and Douglas Fir and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Laminated Wood Beams. The company was founded in 1988 by Bud Filler and Wayne King. With over 40 years of experience each in wood products manufacturing and marketing, Bud and Wayne offer their skills as forestry graduates with advanced degrees in wood technology and business.

The 20th anniversary of the company in 2008 marks a milepost in growth, quality, and commitment to you, our customer. When we place the FillerKing label and stamp on our products the company's professional reputation is on the line. We insure this with a rigid and precise quality control system in every stage of our manufacturing process.

Filler King stands ready to supply your structural wood requirements, whether industrial, residential, religious, or commercial. From traditional to contemporary styling, the magnificence of western softwoods is the foundation on which architectural dreams are based.